How to create change one behavior at a time.

Why We Just Created Another F'ing Blog.

The F, of course, stands for fun. Because our niche in behavior-change marketing is not complexity or scholarly brilliance.  It’s fun.

That’s why we created FunEasyPopular.

Like cheerleaders, we want to be all three–  fun, easy and popular. Think of us as the baby carrots or the Irish jig of behavior change marketing: Kind of healthy but best with fatty dressing or a few beers. We’re offering the Buzzfeed list of behavior-change marketing blogs: Tiny morsels of helpful distraction from people trying to make what’s good also fun, easy and popular.

Fun-easy-popular is our approach to behavior-change marketing. The name is inspired by social marketing guru Bill Smith. The methodology distills most of social psychology and behavioral economics to 12 common behavioral determinants. It’s main selling point is simplicity. It’s so simple you can actually pull it off.

What we hope to pull off here are simple ideas and experiences from the field that help everyone from environmentalists to parents influence others. Check out our first entries, then subscribe. We’ll send you a little something about once a week, and we'll keep it as f'ing fun as possible.

 Peter Mitchel is CEO at Marketing for Change.

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