How to create change one behavior at a time.

This Video is Graphic and Could Save Your Life.

When the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation needed a new way to encourage self-exams, surprisingly, they went to beauty brand Skinfood for help. And Skinfood created this:


The takeaway? Product development and behavior change marketing aren't two separate worlds. If it fits for the behavior and funds are available, sometimes there's no better way to break down audience barriers. It's a big part of that "easy" thing we're always yapping about.

For this product, the challenge will be driving adoption of a new product that women have never used, nor seen a need for before (an uphill battle in and of itself). But if they can pull that off, this may be one addition to our beauty routines that makes more than a difference to our looks.

Meisha Thigpen is Associate Creative Director at Marketing for Change. 

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