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Social Media News Behavior Changers Can Use

Social media changes constantly. And because we NEVER have time to check Facebook or Twitter during the workday (who would do such a thing?) we often keep up through other sources, like Social Media Examiner. 

In their recent rundown of social media news from the week, three items stood out as useful for those of us out to change behavior:

1) Instagram ads are open for business– use them to tell a story:

So far, Instagram ads have only been open to a select few, but soon, they'll be open to the masses. Here's why it matters: not-so-big advertisers will soon have the opportunity to promote targeted, visual storytelling on one of the leading platforms for it. While it's not yet totally clear, it appears targeting for these ads may happen through Facebook's platform, allowing you to target demographics, interests, and likely audiences that are similar to your current one. More importantly, rather than hoping one static ad will do the trick, you can use a series of images to visually paint the bigger picture about your brand, offerings, or message and drive direct online action from them (app installs, sign ups, etc.).

2) Get audience insights from Twitter gurus:

Twitter's new Partner Marketplace is like online dating for brands (minus the creepy encounters). You enter what you need help with and your industry, and Twitter provides a list of "Certified Partners" best suited to meet your need. Not just anybody can join this exclusive Twitter club– the group is vetted to include those who offer expert level services and proven success in the Twittersphere (real place, we promise). We're particularly interested in how well this program may work to gain audience insights, as "listening to social insights" and "monitoring social trends" are things brands can request assistance with. This is typically called social listening, and can play a big role in understanding the real-time attitudes about your brand and the issues it aims to address.

3) Share your story– quickly and easily– with Splice: 

As we mentioned in #1, visual storytelling can do wonders for your brand, and we all know the power of the almighty viral video. Now, you can make quick, but quality, videos from your phone with Splice, the app that pegs itself "the best video editor for the iPhone." These days, more and more people prefer to consume content via video, and if you can share updates through quality video shorts rather than lengthy copy, your engagement numbers will undoubtedly go up.

So, now that you're in the know, feel free to tout your "social media savvy" to all your friends (you're basically Mark Zuckerberg at this point, right?).

 Meisha Thigpen is Associate Creative Director at Marketing for Change.

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