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ICYMI: Our Top Blogs for 2020

Wow, what a year. Has it ever felt this good to put twelve months of our lives behind us? Looking back, the blogs we wrote about the coronavirus in 2020 offer both a time capsule of our evolving understanding of the virus — and still-timely behavioral insights for getting us across the pandemic finish line in 2021. In these four blogs, we explore how to encourage hand-washing and mask-wearing using our Fun, Easy, Popular framework, how parenting in America has (or hasn’t) evolved as schools and offices closed and unemployment and uncertainty skyrocketed, and how we can motivate non-doers using familiar behavior change tactics. 

As we collectively yearn for the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, here are four blogs that illuminate our path. Happy reading! 


  1. By mid-March, we’d officially shifted to work-from-home and were feeling the first effects of a global pandemic (remember the toilet paper and N95 mask shortage?). But evidence still shows that we don’t wash our hands as often as we say we do — especially when there’s no one around to watch. In Coronavirus Has Hit — Here's Why You're Still Not Washing Your Hands, we discuss 3 ways to boost the probability of lathering up.  


  1. With all of the ongoing craziness, we went back to the basics to bring some stability around mask-wearing using our tried and true behavioral framework in How to Make Face Masks Fun, Easy and Popular


  1. Normal was changing for one of our most critical audiences — parents. Along with our partners at IPREX Global Communication Network, we released perhaps the first statistical portrait of American parenting during the pandemic. In How COVID-19 is Shaping a New Normal for U.S. Parents, we take a closer look at the survey results: like how families are eating together more frequently, feeling more depressed, and, for one-fifth of American parents, buying guns.


  1. Millions of Americans opting to take mortal risks despite clear evidence they are putting themselves and others in danger? Sounds familiar. In 5 Things We Need To Do In This Pandemic — And Why We Aren’t Doing Them, we compared behavior campaigns around COVID health behaviors to drunk driving in the 1970s, seat belts in the ’80s and smoking in the ’90s. 

Thank you for reading along with us in 2020! Stay safe, and join us in the new year for more behavior change insights on how to do good better.  

Erin West is a Marketing Specialist at Marketing for Change.

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