How to create change one behavior at a time.

Meisha Thigpen

Why Plant-Based Food Sells Better When It’s Not ‘Vegetarian’

By Meisha Thigpen June 22, 2017

Let’s begin with a disclaimer: Many people think I’m a complete weirdo. And technically, they..

It’s The Biggest Challenge We’ve Faced. You’re Going to Solve It in 15 Minutes.

By Meisha Thigpen May 15, 2017

There are many things we lose as we grow older. Control over our healthcare should not be one of..

Nutrition Nagging on Grocery Receipts - Is This a Good Idea?

By Meisha Thigpen February 22, 2016

Your mom nagged you. Your spouse nags you. Waves of advertising tell you the same thing. Now,..

Welcome to the World of Artificially Intelligent Ads

By Meisha Thigpen July 23, 2015
This new experiment from M&C Saatchi is grounded in a Darwinian approach that allows..

This Video is Graphic and Could Save Your Life.

By Meisha Thigpen June 24, 2015

When the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation needed a new way to encourage self-exams,..

This App Helps Diabetics Form New Habits, With Instagram

By Meisha Thigpen June 17, 2015

Based on our last few posts, it may seem I'm president of the Instagram fan club. I won't deny..

Social Media News Behavior Changers Can Use

By Meisha Thigpen June 12, 2015

Social media changes constantly. And because we NEVER have time to check Facebook or Twitter..

The 4 Digital Trends to Use Right Now

By Meisha Thigpen June 1, 2015

Marketers look forward to a lot of things each year. Super Bowl ads. Big product launches. And..

Tampa Bay Is Getting Its Fun Back

By Meisha Thigpen May 19, 2015

The Tampa Bay Times recently covered a new study that revealed the Bay has the largest amount of..

Here's What Your Office Is Doing Next Friday

By Meisha Thigpen May 8, 2015
Can you tell we're a little amped for Bike to Work Day on May 15?

Calling All Control Freaks...

By Meisha Thigpen April 30, 2015

If you haven't noticed, we're nerds about this behavior change stuff. So much so that in..

How Playing Clue Can Win Over Customers

By Meisha Thigpen April 30, 2015

Sorry 80s babies, we're not talking about the game (but FYI it's always Professor Plum with the..