How to create change one behavior at a time.

When Nudges Aren't Enough

By Mike Reddy September 23, 2021

My first job out of college was as a case worker at a gang intervention program in Los Angeles...

Why You Hate Being Told What to Do — Even When You're Talking to Yourself

By Sara Isaac September 7, 2021

If you have anything to do with behavioral science, by now you’ve heard of time confetti — the..

How Vaccine Stickers Can Backfire

By Sara Isaac June 22, 2021

I did it. Most of my friends did it. Even Sen. Marco Rubio and other conservative leaders did..

Want to Score Policy Wins? Here’s How to Get Policymakers on Your Team

By Mike Reddy June 2, 2021

Imagine you’re a policymaker who needs to make an important decision. What information do you..

Still Doing Fly-Ins for Advocacy? You Might Need a New Flight Path

By Mike Reddy May 13, 2021

In a previous life, I recruited thousands of policymakers to give an assessment of their..

Want to Change Behavior? The Clock is Ticking

By Sara Isaac April 30, 2021

Ashley Whillans has found it — the missing ingredient. A behavioral scientist and assistant..

Stop Using Myths & Facts — You are Spreading Misinformation

By Sara Isaac April 14, 2021

Early in the pandemic, when masks and hand sanitizer were scarcer than toilet paper, I drove..

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Influencers to Change Behavior

By Erin West January 26, 2021

What image comes to mind when you think of an influencer? For a lot of us, it’s a model on a..

ICYMI: Our Top Blogs for 2020

By Erin West December 31, 2020

Wow, what a year. Has it ever felt this good to put twelve months of our lives behind us?..

The Dark Side of Gratitude: 3 Reasons NOT to Give Thanks

By Sara Isaac November 25, 2020

So much has been written about how gratitude is good for you. Many studies have shown that..

COVID-19 and the ‘What-the-Hell’ Effect — What We Can Learn From Dieting and Safe Sex

By Sara Isaac October 29, 2020

Nearly 40 years ago, psychology professor Janet Polivy co-authored research that showed if you..

5 Things We Need To Do In This Pandemic — And Why We Aren’t Doing Them

This has happened before: Millions of Americans opting to take mortal risks despite clear..